Hilma Biocare – Trenbolone Acetate (100 mg/ml)



Activity1-1,5 Days
Delay WaterNo
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 300-700 mg/week

Laboratory Test

Hilma Biocare Trenbolone Acetate

King of Anabolic Steroids

Trenbolone Acetate is from the Trenbolone (Tren) family. The big daddy of steroids is considered as the strongest available steroid. First synthesized in the 1960s to boost the growth of farm animals, it is known for its ability to change the physique drastically. If you want to have a beastly body with beastly strength, this Trenbolone Acetate can help you get the desired results.

What is the Trenbolone Acetate?

It is the strongest available steroid. There are several steroids to help you boost muscle growth, but ASS is considered as most effective among all. The reason is simple; the anabolic to androgenic ratio of Tren is 500:500, as compared to the 100:100 of the Testosterone. In simple words, it is five-time more powerful than Testosterone.

Trenbolone is a derivative of the Nandrolone substance. The success of the compound in animals made it hugely popular among bodybuilders as it helped them grow muscles faster and heal muscles quickly.

Scientifically speaking, this Trenbolone 19 – nortestosterone, meaning AAS has a missing carbon atom in 19th position. This makes it 10-times more powerful as compared to Deca Durabolin.

Trenbolone Acetate (Tren A) is most potent among all the three esterified forms of Trenbolone. It has an effective life span of up to 3 days. It is very quick in its action due to the very high absorption rate and fast excretion. Technically, you have to take a dose of Tren A every third day.


Benefits of using Trenbolone Acetate:

With the perfect balance of diet and training, Trenbolone Acetate will help you get that giant look. Here are some of the benefits that studies and users shares:

  • It helps you get fastest muscle reconstruction, probably the fastest among all available anabolic steroids.
  • Tren A helps you lose adipose fat quicker, meaning you will have enough supply of energy for bodybuilding.
  • It keeps your cortisol levels within control.
  • It boosts the nitrogen retention
  • It helps your muscle gain strength
  • Tren A is versatile as it helps you bulk up and cut both.
  • It does not aromatize. Meaning, it does not convert to estrogen in the body. So, you don’t have to be worried about estrogen side-effect.

Now, you know about the most potent steroid available for bodybuilding. It doesn’t mean you could use it to get results in overnight results. Never use Trenbolone Acetate as your first cycle. For your first AAS cycle, it is better to start with Testosterone and then start with the low dose of Tren A. Experts are of opinion that 175mg-350mg dosage in more than enough for good results. This product has some side effects like hyper aggression, increased blood pressure, insomnia, night sweats, hair loss, and acne. Use it judiciously for training purpose and maintain a perfect balance of diet and sleep for miraculous results.


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