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Pregnyl is a brand name for injectable Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which is a hormone that is naturally present in the female body. Pregnyl is manufactured by Schering Plough, and is a gonadotrophic medicine. The active ingredient of Pregnyl is an ultra purified preparation obtained from the urine of pregnant women and is essentially identical to the leutenizing hormone (LH) produced by the pituitary glands in the male body that signals the testes to start producing natural testosterone.

While Pregnyl certainly has a place in bodybuilding, it is not used for bulking or for cutting. Pregnyl is not a synthetically produced steroid, but is instead a hormone commonly used by bodybuilders at the end of steroid cycles to restart testosterone production. Pregnyl also increases the androgens in the body and can help testicles descend, which helps bodybuilders who find that their testicles move higher in the body, as well as the common shrinkage associated with synthetic hormone use.

How Does It Work?

Because the active ingredient of Pregnyl is virtually the same as pituitary LH, an injection of Pregnyl stimulates the Leydig cells in the testes to produce testosterone, with added beneficial side effect of restoring gonad size to normal if they have been repressed from steroid cycles. The active hormone in Pregnyl is naturally present in the male body during puberty and causes the testicles to descend and increase in size, as well as stimulating secondary sex characteristics. Even though it is normally a female hormone present during ovulation and pregnancy, it is easily absorbed and used by the male body. Because it is not a synthesized hormone, under the correct circumstances Pregnyl can be absorbed almost immediately, with a rapid corresponding boost in testosterone levels.

How Is Pregnyl Used?

Although Pregnyl can be used on its own, it’s most commonly used at the end of a cycle in conjunction with anabolic and other steroids. Used by itself, Pregnyl has little effect on the normal, naturally testosterone-producing male body except to increase the size of the testicles. Pregnyl has no proven effect on fat distribution, weight loss, or hunger pangs, and because it is not even a true steroid and is rather a natural female hormone, it is not an ideal choice for bulking or cutting. Its true benefit is increasing gonad size and promoting testosterone levels when pituitary LH production has been shut down by the use of other steroids. Pregnyl is used by most bodybuilders at the end of a steroid cycle just prior to post cycle therapy to help restore the body’s testosterone levels. Pregnyl is also commonly used by bodybuilders who run particularly long or heavy cycles, because it can help the body bounce back quicker and get the gonads producing their own testosterone.

How to Take Pregnyl?

Pregnyl can be administered as either an intramuscular injection or subcutaneously and is very easy to store and self administer. It comes in 1500IU and 5000IU ampules and can be mixed with bacteriostatic water for injection. Although it can be injected subcutaneously, most bodybuilders prefer to inject it very deeply directly into the muscle to get the fastest acting and most effective benefits. Subcutaneous injection is easier because it can be done anywhere on the body and reduces the risk of scarring, but the absorption rate will be slower than an intramuscular injection. If administered intramuscularly, it should be injected as deep as possible into the muscle with no blood entering the syringe. If you do hit a blood vessel while injecting, simply remove the syringe and apply pressure to the jab to stop the bleeding, then change needles and select a different site. When used as an intramuscular injection, Pregnyl is a very fast acting hormone, with some bodybuilders seeing raised testosterone levels in a matter of hours. It helps the body maintain a high level of androgens and repairs gonads that may have been suppressed during a steroid cycle, as well as stimulating testosterone production.

Pregnyl Precautions

Bodybuilders who supplement Pregnyl at the end of their cycles usually recommend stopping use of Pregnyl 10 days to a week before beginning post cycle therapy. Continuing use of Pregnyl for too long before post cycle therapy can overtake the body’s natural processes and cause a delay in the pituitary production of LH. Ideally, Pregnyl should be used to bridge the gap between the end of a cycle and the beginning of post cycle therapy when natural testosterone production will take over. Combining Pregnyl with other supplements that boost natural pituitary LH production can help smooth the transition into post cycle therapy. Pregnyl can also boost the body’s estrogen levels and cause gynecomastia or make existing symptoms worst. Estrogen levels are most commonly boosted by Pregnyl when testosterone levels spike too quickly and the body starts aromatizing excess testosterone into estrogen. These negative effects can be counterbalanced by combining Pregnyl with an anti-aromatizing agent or an estrogen receptor blocker.


  • Can be stored unmixed indefinitely at the recommended temperature
  • Fast acting and efficient
  • No known contraindications with other medications
  • Naturally occurring human hormones rather than synthetic
  • Helps the body produce natural testosterone


  • Will cause a false positive on a pregnancy test
  • Can cause estrogen production and gynecomastia
  • Should not be used by itself
  • Can halt natural LH production during use

Summary: While Pregnyl alone is not an effective plan for either bulking and cutting or for post cycle therapy, when used together with other medications it can help reverse some of the negative effects of other steroids and help ease the body back into normal function after a heavy or prolonged cycle. Pregnyl is not safe enough to use for every cycle, but the effects will be the most noticeable for bodybuilders who are running on an advanced cycle. While Pregnyl can cause or exacerbate high estrogen levels and gynecomastia, using it in combination with the right supplements can balance this effect. Pregnyl is one of the most effective ways to boost natural testosterone production back to normal levels in the crucial bridging period between the end of a cycle and the beginning of post cycle therapy. We advice against the usage of this product.


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