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Caution! We are Facing an Increased Amount of Scammers!

Hello guys.

It’s Andre from Official Hilma Biocare Shop.

We thought we’d never had to wrote this blog post again, however we are currently receiving tons of messages regarding fake Hilma Biocare products that were purchased from 3rd party websites, as well as messages regarding scammers who are scamming people by simply not sending products to them and stealing their money.

Please note that using fake pharmaceutical products can lead to a serious health problems!

But first I want to talk about scammers in general, who are just simply taking money for goods they are not going to ship.

Since official website has changed its design and removed list of official resellers. You are not able to see whole list of official resellers

There’s a still a few ways how you can determine, which seller is scammer!

1.Cheap looking website design and website age. (Pay attention to a website visual as well as website descriptions, very often scammer website descriptions or designs will match to official shops, since they do not bother too much on how website looks. Also pay attention to a domain registration date as well as online reviews. Use Google for this matter! No reviews – high chance of scam)


2. Prices are way too low. (When something looks too good to be true, then it likely isn’t genuine, legitimate, or true! Pay attention to a product prices, discount offers etc. When they are offering greatest deal of your life, think twice before you send them your money.)


3. Offering PayPal as a payment method. (You might think now – “Andre, but how come? PayPal offers a buyers protection, so I’m completely safe using PayPal for buying anabolic steroids!” Now read this again, buying steroids via PayPal! It’s already by default seems sketchy, because PayPal is constantly updating their decetion software as well as monitoring all incomming payments, shared payment links and much more. We had complains from customers who made a payment via PayPal, when customer didn’t received order, he submited complaint to PayPal. So those scammers simply submitted FAKE tracking number and PayPal decided case in their favor. And you won’t be able to submit complaint yourself, because purchasing anabolic steroids is illegal, according to a PayPal Terms and Conditions.


4. (If you have label on your product with a following website, then it’s 100% fake and dangerous product. Never use it or resell it!)
We have a full article regarding it.

Check it out –

And also a few pictures of fake Hilma Biocare products


Fake Hilma Biocare Fake Hilma Biocare

Fake Hilma BiocareHilma Biocare fakeHilma Biocare fake