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Be Aware of Fake Hilma Biocare Products, Spreading Across the Europe!

Fake and Dangerous Hilma Biocare products from Turkey!

Fake Hilma Biocare

Recently we had a lot of messages from our customers, who were using or were offered to purchase fake Hilma Biocare products from Turkey

With this post I want you to see, how to determine fake Hilma Biocare products.

And warn you about dangers of usage fake products. It can cause serious damage to your health, which you won’t be able to recover.

Fake Hilma Biocare

Purchase Hilma Biocare only from official sources, which you can find on official website


Here are examples of fake Hilma Biocare products

Fake Hilma Biocare Fake Hilma Biocare

  • First thing to notice, is completely different packaging.
  • You can clearly see it doesn’t match original Hilma products.
  • Especially pay attention to injectable Stanozolol, we don’t supply Stanozolol in this packaging.

All FAKE Hilma Biocare comes with verification codes!

Officially Hilma haven’t come up with verification codes yet.

This work is in progress. And as soon as this will be implemented, it will appear on official website.

If you see verification codes and this address for verification – then product is FAKE!

Never use it or resell it, because it can cause serious damage to your health.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat where we are available 24/7 or at [email protected]

Stay safe guys.