Professional 8 Week Cutting Cycle – Testosterone Propionate/Trenbolone Acetate/Oxandrolone


Products included:

x6 Hilma Biocare Testosterone Propionate
x3 Hilma Biocare Oxandrolone
x3 Hilma Biocare Trenbolone Acetate
x1 Pregnyl
x1 Anastrozole
x1 Hilma Biocare Clomifene


Professional Cutting Cycle for 8 Weeks Will Consist of 3 Products.

  1. Testosterone Propionate
  2. Trenbolone Acetate
  3. Oxandrolone

When it comes down to most effective anabolic steroid on market, first place without any thoughs goes to Trenbolone. It’s 8 times more powerful than Testosterone and if you combine them together it gives you most advanced cutting cycle.

Oxandrolone adds that final touch that is needed for you to be stage ready. Very effective anabolic steroid which doesn’t affect liver. This cycle is recommended only for experienced athletes and for those who compete.

In this cycle you will get everyting and at the same time. Vascularity, strenght, fat burn, increased metabolism. Those products will protect againt catabolism even on hardest low calorie diets.

Fast esters start to work only 4-6 hours after injection. Half-life of those 3 products is pretty much equal, which is 1.5 days

For Post Cycle Therapy we’re offering Clomifene. PCT starts 1 week after last Testosterone Propionate injection.

Recommended Doses:

1) Testosterone Propionate – 200mg/every other day – 2ml

2) Oxandrolone – 50mg/day – 5 tablets per day

3) Trenbolone Acetate – 100mg/every other day – 1ml

4) Anastrozole – 0.5 mg every 3 days

5) Pregnyl – 2500IU on 7th and 10th week

4) Clomifene – 2 tablets per day for 1st week. Then 1 tablet for last 3 weeks.(PCT)  – 1 week after Testosterone/Trenbolone injection.

Total Products Required for Cycle:

1) x6 Testosterone Propionate = 162.00€

2) x3 Oxandrolone = 120.00€

3) x3 Trenbolone Acetate = 117.00€

4) x1 Clomifene = 27.00€

5) x1 Anastrozole = 31.99

6) x1 Prengyl = 29.99

Products: 487.99€
Total: 487.99€ for complete 8 week cycle with included Post Cycle Therapy.


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