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Official Hilma Biocare will have a VERIFICATION CODES and NEW PACKAGING!

It finally has happened! Official Hilma Biocare will be coming up with a Verification Codes and amazing New Design.

Hilma Biocare

Please note, that for a transition period there will be 2 types of packages in circulation! Old packaging and new one.

Hilma Biocare

So, it’s very important that you purchase Hilma Biocare only from official resellers.

New Features

  1. Premium holographic seal as a protection against opening.
  2. Unique verification number, which will be used to verify legitimacy of a product.
  3. Foil around the packaging.
  4. Velvet coating.
  5. On each package will be QR code which leads to official Hilma Biocare website.
  6. Raised embossing under the logo on the front of the box.
  7. Lettering in Braille.

Hilma Biocare

And as a reminder, during the transition period we’ll supply 2 types of Hilma Biocare packaging. With and without verification codes. That’s why, it is very important that you purchase Hilma Biocare products only from official sources.

Hilma Biocare

Also please read our previous post about fake Hilma Biocare. And how to spot fake products.

Be Aware of Fake Hilma Biocare Products, Spreading Across the Europe!

Please remember – is FAKE!

As usual guys if you have any questions, don’t hesitate and contact us.