Advanced 10 Week Mass Cycle – Sustanon and Deca Durabolin


Products included:

x3 Hilma Biocare Sustanon
x2 Hilma Biocare Deca Durabolin
x1 Hilma Biocare Anastrozole
x1 Pregnyl HCG
x1 Hilma Biocare Clomifene


Advanced Injectable Bulk Cycle for 10 Weeks

In this cycle we offer popular combination of Sustanon and Deca Durabolin

Cycle of Sustanon and Deca is cosidered as most safest injectable cycle. It’s possible to gain up to 10kg of lean muscle mass within a 10 week period. With minimal loss of a gains after finishing cycle.

Injectable steroids doesn’t affect the liver therefore no liver protection is needed, however they may increase level of Estrogen in your blood. That’s why it’s necesary to include Anastrozole during cycle.

Also if cycle is longer than 8 weeks, it’s necesary to include Pregnyl – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to keep a testicles “alive” and for more effective Post Cycle Threapy

For Post Cycle Therapy we’re offering Clomifene. PCT starts 3 week after last Sustanon/Deca injection.

Recommended Doses:

1) Sustanon – 750mg/week – 3ml
2) Deca Durabolin – 500mg/week – 2ml
3) Anastrozole – 1mg every 3 days – starting from 2nd week (Keeps normal Estrogen levels, reduces water retention and also excludes possibility of high blood pressure and acne)
4) Pregnyl HCG – 2500IU on 5th and 7th week (Keep a testicles “alive” during the cycle, faster recovery after the cycle)
5) Clomifene – 2 tablets per day for first 3 weeks. Then 1 tablet for last 1 week.(PCT) – 3 weeks after last Sustanon/Deca injection.

Total Products Required for Cycle:

1) x3 Sustanon = 90.00€
2) x2 Deca Durabolin = 70.00€
3) x1 Anastrozole = 30.00€
4) x1 Pregnyl HCG = 25.00€
5) x1 Clomifene = 27.00€

Products: 241.99€
Total: 241.99€ for complete 10 week cycle with included Post Cycle Therapy.


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